ACE 2020 FAQs  

1. Are ACE 2020 Virtual On-Demand courses different from the ones on EyeCareMarketplace?

The majority of the courses in the ACE 2020 Virtual On-Demand Program are completely new or have only been taught at previous ACE Programs. IJCAHPO is presenting many new topics with well-respected speakers at ACE 2020. A few courses on EyeCareMarketplace will be a part of the ACE Virtual On-Demand Program.

2. Will the ACE 2020 Virtual On-Demand courses be available to purchase on EyeCareMarketplace after ACE?

IJCAHPO is not currently planning to offer the ACE Virtual On-Demand courses on EyeCareMarketplace after ACE. If any of the courses sound interesting to you, now is the time to register!

3. Will handouts be made available for the Live Stream sessions?

Yes, IJCAHPO will provide any handouts that have been received from instructors. Please note that some courses may not have a handout.

4. What are the dates for the Virtual Broadcast 3-Day Program?

IJCAHPO’s Virtual Broadcast 3-Day Program will be held on November 7, 14, and 15. Don’t miss your chance to register! 

5. How long do I have to take the Virtual On-Demand courses?

Registrants will have from November 7 to December 30 to take the Virtual On-Demand courses.

6. Why isn’t the Virtual Broadcast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday like ACE would usually be scheduled? I’m not available both weekends.

IJCAHPO sought feedback from past ACE attendees and based on this input, decided that offering the program on consecutive weekends would make it easier for our attendees who may find it difficult to take time off from work

IJCAHPO understands that some attendees may not be available on the Virtual Broadcast dates, so we are also offering the Virtual On-Demand Program so technicians can take courses when it best fits into their schedule! 

7. How many courses can I take if I register for the Virtual Broadcast Program? 

IJCAHPO’s Virtual Broadcast 3-Day Program offers over 20 courses and attendees can earn up to 20 credits. If you are interested in earning more credits and attending the Virtual Broadcast Program, you have the option to purchase as many Virtual On-Demand courses and additional offerings as you want. 

8. How do I access the Live Stream?

Attendees will receive an email prior to the program with instructions on how to access the Live Stream. 

9. Will I be able to watch the Live Stream on my tablet or mobile device?

Yes! Our virtual format is tablet and mobile friendly. 

10. What internet connection speed is required?

1.5Mbps is required. If you are using a tablet or mobile device, you will need 4G or Wi-Fi access.

11. Will I need to download or install any software on my computer or device?

No, you will not need to download or install any software. Course videos will play through the virtual platform.

12. Will there be technical support available if I have problems accessing or viewing the Live Stream? 

Yes, there will be technical support available during the program. Information about how to contact technical support will be provided prior to the program. 

13. How will my attendance be tracked for session participation?

IJCAHPO has a sophisticated attendance tracking system for both the Virtual Broadcast and On-Demand Programs, which will include attendance pods. Any instructions you may need will be provided by email, prior to November 7.


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